RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
07/08/2014 00:29am
* Increased energy cost of fire gun and plasma fist
* Increased wait time before the start of new phases
* Modified specialty abilities buffs
* Gun drops should now spawn correctly
* Multiple marines should no longer spawn at the same location
* Marines no longer stop moving at particular enemy sightings
* Reduced energy buff of dash ability
* Reduced energy buff of scout specialty ability
* Increased projectile flight speed
* Phases should no longer 'freeze' if all marines are killed
* Target enemy marines of the fire gun ability stop moving briefly
RSS Feed Changelog: Minor Update
05/08/2014 08:29am
* Greatly reduced the energy drain rate from moving
* Removed the white rings around marines
* Replaced a helpful tutorial tip at the start of turns
RSS Feed Changelog: Minor Update
05/08/2014 07:36am
* Gun drops on marine death should now work properly
* Corrected tension tooltip
* Fixed the marine upgrade which adds much more toughness
* Modified arcade description
* Groups have been added for NA and EU
RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
04/08/2014 00:56am
* Fire gun ability now has a cooldown
* Gun tooltips now have range info
* Corrected dash and teleport ability tooltip
* Scoring by hill is now working correctly
* Fixed phase countdown display for the flag
* Marines now stop moving at the start of a new phase
* Added abilities for marines which should add much more fun to the game
RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
20/07/2014 03:59am
* Removed all observe abilities
* Vision of allies is no longer hidden
* Updated assault class tooltip
* Renamed uses of the word 'turn' to 'phase'
* Gameplay is now much more real-time
* Modified tutorial tips
* Adjusted the time that things like the hill or flag appear
* Removed the turn display
* Unit stat numbers and buffs are now shown by default
* Adjusted position of timers
* Modified load screen
* Moved location of game instructions after initial selections
* Changed arcade description
* Increased score required to win the game