RSS Feed Changelog: Minor Update
24/04/2014 05:40am
* Clarified the nano cloud buff tooltip
* Clarified the nano bots ability tooltip
* Slightly increased sensor range
RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
24/04/2014 05:17am
* Slightly increased explosive trigger and barrels damage
* Changed the colour of nano bots animations to red
* Changed the colour of the flash grenade and nano bots ability icon
* Increased the amount of turns required to score the first point from the hill or flag
* The basic rules of the game are now made much clearer at squad selection
* Updated the how-to-play section in the arcade
RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
21/04/2014 21:21pm
* Increased turn time
* Some icons are replaced
* Added a new ability for the support class
* Updated the support class tooltip
RSS Feed Changelog: Minor Update
20/04/2014 21:16pm
* Reduced the amount of bonus stimpacks provided
* Updated the bonus tooltip for stimpacks
RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
20/04/2014 20:42pm
* Slightly reduced the max energy of the support class
* Changed some equipment on some soldiers
* Stimpacks now also remove the flashed status
* Updated the stimpack tooltip
* Updated the tooltip describing the support class