RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
20/07/2014 03:59am
* Removed all observe abilities
* Vision of allies is no longer hidden
* Updated assault class tooltip
* Renamed uses of the word 'turn' to 'phase'
* Gameplay is now much more real-time
* Modified tutorial tips
* Adjusted the time that things like the hill or flag appear
* Removed the turn display
* Unit stat numbers and buffs are now shown by default
* Adjusted position of timers
* Modified load screen
* Moved location of game instructions after initial selections
* Changed arcade description
* Increased score required to win the game
RSS Feed Changelog: Minor Update
18/07/2014 22:19pm
* Adjusted position of tutorial option at soldier selections
* Added marine pictures at soldier selections
RSS Feed Changelog: Minor Update
18/07/2014 06:29am
* Modified load screen
* Unit stat numbers and buffs are now shown after a certain turn in the game
* Removed tutorial option at initial selections for the first game
RSS Feed Changelog: Major Update
15/07/2014 23:50pm
* There should no longer be errors when targeting marines with fire gun
* The observe button is no longer shown on your turns
* Removed the observe button tooltip
* Added more observe abilities
* There is now an additional way to score points
* Updated initial instructions for how to score
* Modified arcade description
* Marines now drop guns on death
* Marines can now obtain new guns
* Marines now have a new ability
* Changed the audio notification of newly sighted enemies
* New Turn button has been moved to the command card
* New Turn button now has a hotkey
* Next Turn button now flashes part-way through the turn
* Updated the credits tip
* Explosives trigger should now work fully properly
* Explosives trigger pickup sound now only plays to the picking up player
* Slightly increased the size of the hill
* Explosives trigger should no longer spawn on marines
* Reduced the score required to win games
* Increased the time allowed for selections at the start of the game
* Game information is now only shown after all selections have been made
* 'Explain Stuff' now has a tooltip
* 'Explain Stuff' is now easier to tick
* 'Explain Stuff' is no longer shown immediately
* Helpful tips at the start of turns now display during that player's turn
* Updated and improved the helpful tips at the start of turns
* 'Explain Stuff' now renamed to 'Tutorial'
* A tutorial map is no longer used
* Updated how-to-play section in arcade
* Updated arcade description
* There is now additional gun fire animation
* The map should be much more newb friendly
* Slightly modified load screen
* Slightly modified arcade icon
* First turn display at selection should no longer be shown
* Removed the large coloured rings surrounding marines
* ALLY is no longer displayed over allies
* Team colour of all units stands out much more from the unit
* Damaged marines are now more obvious
RSS Feed Changelog: Minor Update
30/05/2014 04:12am
* Updated the credits info
* Updated the arcade screenshots
* Update arcade description